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Natural Frequencies by Kim Sartor

Natural Frequencies by Kim Sartor

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Natural Frequencies recounts Kim’s personal discovery of medical therapy using extremely low frequency and intensity electromagnetic fields, outlining some of the science, history and applications. Much of the story occurs in Italy, and describes the origins and activities of the Italian company S.I.S.T.E.M.I. manufacturers of Seqex, one the most advanced electromagnetic therapy systems available.

Part A ~ Kim’s personal experience and the journey of Seqex’s arrival in North America.

Part B ~ Interviews with key figures and medical professionals

Part C ~ The transcript for the series by Dr. Alessandro Greco (chief medical advisor for Seqex in Italy) called The Physics that Heals on YouTube. In this series Dr. Greco explores electromagnetic medicine and its applications on topics such as microcirculation, regeneration, pain, oxidative stress, oncology support, inflammation, the nervous system and infection support. The transcription of a collection of Professor Liboff’s interviews on the technology and Ion Cyclotron Resonance


Natural Frequencies was written by Kim Sartor and edited by Gavin Taylor. Gavin was the translator for all the 22 trips to Italy so he was the perfect candidate to be involved, as he is a historian and also had the experiences first hand with Kim and Jackie on their journey. If you are interested in the whole story of Seqex and Health Wellness Industries, this is the book for you!

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