Collection: Pür-Oils Skin Care Line

Health Energies is proud to carriy both in store and online this incredible, small batch and hand made line of skincare products called Pur-Oils. We both use and stand behind the excellence of these products!

About Pur-Oils:

In our never-ending pursuit of the best available methods and products, Pür-Oils skillfully integrates a healing approach with specially selected organic formulas. The result are high quality oils for the face and body formulated just for you. We believe the purity of the creams and tonics we put on our skin are just as important as the purity of the food we put in our body. Pür-Oils products are NOT tested on animals. They are cruelty free, vegan friendly, all-natural and USDA organic.  Pür-Oils DO NOT contain aluminum, sulfates parabens, petroleum byproducts, artificial color, or synthetic perfumes.  Pür-Oils is 100% natural Canadian made from the finest ingredients.